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Moldova Autumn 2011: Things and Events to Check

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Autumn is the busiest and the most beautiful season in Republic of Moldova, as it is the harvest season.
There are many events in the months of September-October-November, as well as many tourist attractions that look simply amazing during this season. So if you were wondering when to visit Moldova, now is the time, stop hesitating and give it a try!

Upcoming events in Moldova

Here is a list of the most popular upcoming events, but you can check the full calendar here: Upcoming Events in Moldova.

  • 11 September 2011 – The Republican Pottery Fair „Iurceni-2011” – This is an annual fair that delights all visitors with amazing pottery and ceramic products, for the kitchen and for the garden back at home.
  • 22-25 September 2011 – Ethno Jazz Festival 2011 – The 10-th edition of the popular Jazz music festival which takes place every year in Chisinau, many foreign artists come to Moldova each year.
  • 7-9 October 2011 – Moldova National Wine Day 2011 – This is by far the most important travel event in Moldova, with thousands of tourists coming to Moldova in the month of October, around the days of the Wine Festival. Tourists will benefit from a FREE VISA during 1-14 of October.
  • 14 October 2011 – Chisinau City Day 2011 – The next week after the festival of wine, the capital of Moldova celebrates its birthday. More celebrations, more wine, more everything!

Tourist attractions to check out

You can basically visit any of the many Moldova’s tourist attractions, but these are the ones that we recommend the most during the Fall season:

  • Capriana Monastery and Hincu Monastery, you can visit both of them because they are very close to each other and are on the same road to Nisporeni.
  • Chateau Vartely Winery and Old Orhei Historical and Archaeological Complex, both of which are in Orhei, so it is a good idea to visit both of them on the same day, totally worth it. We recommend going to Old Orhei Complex first, work out a good appetite, and then taste the excellent Moldavian food at the Chateau Vartely Restaurant. Grab a bottle (or two) of wine while you are there, you will not regret it for sure.

Where to stay in Moldova this autumn

Here are a couple of Chisinau hotels that we recommend this Autumn, though you can always check here the full list of Moldova hotels.


Don’t forget to take plenty of photos here in Moldova, so that you can brag about them later to all of your friends and relatives :)