Stejaris Hotel-Restaurant

We suggest you to visit “STEJARIS” entertainment complex located 25 km away from the capital city, Chisinau, in the core of Moldova’s Codri forests.
Up to the ’90 this place was known under the name of „Дубовая роща”. In 2007, after a complete rearrangement, the complex opened its gates again under a new name “Stejaris”, with a total area of 2 ha.

At a first glance nothing seems to be unusual. An ordinary four stars hotel, proved by the small plate hanging on the building’s frontispiece which means that the respective institution has excellent accommodation and service conditions.

Your expectations are about to come true once you’ve entered the hotel. Stylish elements of design, architecture and high quality service offered by this institution’s staff assure your comfort which will turn your stay in wonderful memories.

The 18 suites of the hotel are equipped with all the necessary elements meant to satisfy the most subtle tastes.