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Read what people who have traveled to Moldova have to say about our country.

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I have lived in a Moldovan village for two years teaching at the local school. I’ve had the opportunity to meet real Moldovans and work with them and I have to say that Moldovans are the most open, giving, generous people I’ve ever met. They are always jumping to make you something tasty to eat, help you with some work you have, or to sit and chat over delicious home made wine. My time here as been some of the most meaningful of my life and I would highly encourage anyone to visit this enormously under rated and very lovely country.

Lindsay Wing, USAPeace Corps VolunteerJune 4, 2012

If you are an American looking to get outside of the normal Western Europe scene, I highly recommend Moldova. Imagine Wisconsin or Montana but the size of Maryland and the hospitality of the south. Chisinau is a modern European City with all the amenities but the best part of Moldova is in the countryside. There are many wineries to stop by and taste the unique Eastern European selections and you’ll be treated as a King not because you are American but that is simply how they treat all guests. Hire a guide and explore the beauty of the “bread basket of Europe”.

Tom Reade, USAArizona Law EnforcementJune 1, 2012

Chisinau, the capital of Moldova, is a lovely city to visit as a tourist. Its downtown area has all the sights and entertainments you’d expect from a classic European metropolis, but laid out on a compact, easily walkable grid, and with a relaxed air.

David Hill, USABusiness & Travel WriterMay 30, 2012

I’ve been traveling for 4 years now to over 50 countries and accumulated many fun stories in that time. Let’s just say when I write a book about it, Moldova will probably have its own section.

Anil Polat, TurkeyTravel BloggerMay 26, 2012

Iubesc oraşul Chişinău. Din multe motive… Oamenii, arhitectura, acel amestec spectaculos între vechi şi nou, mâncarea şi nu în ultimul rând aviditatea oamenilor de a petrece! Vin în Chişinău destul de des şi o fac de fiecare dată cu aceeaşi plăcere.

Vali Bărbulescu, RomaniaDJ & PhotographerMay 15, 2012

I have been travelling a lot of places, including the neighbouring countries of Moldova. I went here to spend a few days, but ended up being in Moldova for some weeks. A country can have many attractions, but when the best reason to visit a certain place is its people, then it has the best attraction in the world. That is the case with Moldova. I have been very possitivly surprised by the smiling, welcoming and open population of this country. Add to that great nature, interesting culture and ethnical minorities, Southeuropean climate, cool nightlife in Chisinau and delicious local food. Moldova is my new favourite destination in this part of Europe.

Brian Esbensen, DenmarkMaster of political science and international relations, journalistMay 24, 2012