Serpeni Headbridge Memorial

40 km east of Chisinau, on the right bank of River Nistru one can find this very Memorial of historical and national importance, which was erected in the memory of the heroes who died during the Iasi-Chisinau operation of 1944 meant to free Chisinau of the fascist occupation. The Serpeni battle was one of the cruelest in the World War II history even if it represented just a small episode of the war.

This memorial, the construction of which was started during the Soviet period, is situated on a piece of land which in 1944 was the battle place of only 8 km and 3 km downward. The building is made of such elements as: a stylized altar, on one side, which has a marble safe in the middle, erected in the church, with granite plaques engraved with 11 thousand names of heroes that had sacrificed their lives on this small piece of land near Nistru. In the middle one can see the eternal fire which guards two high pillars connected by a cross at the top, the cross guarding the memory of the heroes that never lost their courage when protecting this land. There is also a high tower bell on a picturesque background of Nistru, which reminds of the Moldavian history and respect for older generations.

An excursion to this place, which has both historical and natural reminiscences, offers the chance to emerge in the historical past and to be served at the pensions in the village, which will contribute to getting acquainted with the culture and traditions of the Moldavian people.