The Thanksgiving Candle

The Candle of Gratitude Monument is one of the best monuments in Moldova. The monument is built on the rocks over the Nistru River. It is also considered as a very special work of art for another reason. It is actually built in the memory of the cultural monuments in Moldova that were destroyed in the past. Time stands still when it passes through this monument. It is a silent witness of many hopes and agonies, dreams and hard works of many past generations.

The Candle of Gratitude Monument pays homage to all the heroes of the country who always worked to preserve the culture and tradition of Moldova. They did not just secure their culture but also showcased the true colors of Moldavian tradition and history before the world. In another way round, the monument as well as these safeguards of Moldavian tradition paid a tribute to the forefather of their literature; the anonymous writer of the poem “Miorita”.

This national monument was the brain child of a famous Moldavian classical writer Ion Durta. This man always had a deep respect for the tradition and culture of Moldova. He wanted to pay homage to their ancestors who worked so hard to preserve the Moldavian culture. The idea of making a monument came to his mind some twenty years ago but the project was inaugurated only on March 27th, 2004. The Moldavian people contributed in various manners to complete this project. Some contributed with work, some helped by taking care of the finance. It shows the love and respect the Moldavians have for their country. On this top there appears a candle-shaped chapel 29,5 meters long, which during the night time has a light which goes as far as Otaci and Camenca. One can admire a magnificent vew from the top of this hill. The tour to Moldova remains incomplete if this national monument is not visited.

Photo: Dumitru Brinzan.