Cojusna Winery

“Cojusna Winery” is located in the village of Cojusna, Straseni district. The village lies in a wonderful area of woods 15 km from the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau.

Cojusna Winery was founded in 1964, the primary point of grafting and growth of cuttings of French origin. Currently the factory produced more than 10 names of the most recognized wines of the highest quality.

Our wines have been recognized internationally and decorated many times the most important international competitions with prestigious awards.

Cojusna Tasting Halls

If you want to combine tasting the best wines of Moldova and eco tourism during your journey, then Cojusna is the only place. Here you can taste luxury wine and travel to the Middle Age, eating Moldavian cuisine made by local chef in 3rd generation. She is keeping her families secret recipes as a treasure. Everything is prepared only from seasonal and local products.

If you like a more rustic ambiance, you can comfortably sit in the hall named “Stone”, decorated by folk craftsmen in traditional style (up to 50 people). If you are impressed with modern comfort, then you are invited to the “European White Hall” (capacity 55 people).