Purcari Winery

Discover all the subtleties of winemaking in Purcari, become familiar with the process by which this heavenly beverage comes to life. For it is only here, at VINARIA PURCARI, that you can feel the connection to time and eternal traditions, which together represent the foundation on which rests the quality of your favorite wines.

You can see with your own eyes the cellars where French-oak barrels are used to age wonderful, quality wines and such famous blends as Rosu de Purcari and Negru de Purcari. It is here that the wines acquire nobility, maturity, bouquet—all used to conquer people’s hearts and win high awards at prestigious world contests.

The mansion’s galleries feature great collections of Purcari wines, some bottles dating back from 1948. The Wine Galleries will charm you by their neatly arranged bottles.